SMART Choice for Davenheath!

In an attempt to meet the lower emission criteria that London poses every day, we made a choice to dip our toe in the water with our first all Electric vehicle.

Thousands of companies provide services to buildings within the London area including us, and every year more obstacles are placed to inhibit the smooth running of those services.  We’ve had the following to contend with

  • Buy diesel not petrol
  • Bus Lane restrictions
  • Central London congestion charge
  • Parking charges constantly increasing
  • The dreaded parking attendant
  • Covid19
  • Plant pots shutting off roads
  • Road works all at the same time
  • Ulez charge

Not to mention the recent taking away of parking spaces.

However,  fire safety is paramount to all these buildings and we will continue to strive forward to meet our customer’s needs as well as meeting London’s ‘green’ objective.  Hence we’ve become SMART, well in a small way.

We might find we end up adding a new problem to contend with by finding charging points, we will keep you posted.

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